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Learn for free on the phone or online with one of our friendly tutors. You decide what, where and when you want to learn. Call us on 1 800 20 20 80 for support.

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How it works

You decide what you want to learn. There is no set course. We call when it suits you. Normally we make one call a week for up to 30 minutes and we keep working with you until you meet your goals.

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Who is this useful for

Our Tutoring Service is useful if you want to learn from home with the help of a tutor. Our tutors have delivered over 40,000 phone sessions to more than 5,000 adults in Ireland.

We can help you improve your reading, writing, maths and computer skills for everyday life and work. We design learning around you, your needs and your skills.

Who are we?

What they say

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My tutor taught me how to use email and WhatsApp to keep in touch with family and friends.

Sarah Dolan


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I live in a remote area so I loved learning on the phone and have just got my first qualification.

Kevin Tracey


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